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If you are looking to raise monies for your organization, company, fundraiser, building fund, charitable event or business, let Comedy For A Cause - “Giving Back and Moving Forward” be the #1 outlet. Our experts will strategically come upwith the best solution for your cause, its very profitable, professional and most of all fun with full of laughs. Say no more, now lets start to come together like every other ethnic group and rebuild our- community one brick at a time.

Upcoming event: click here for facebook event page 



Tina Graham 50th Birthday Celebrity Roast: 

a Comedy for a Cause "Giving back and moving forward" event.



Comedy for a Cause, "Giving back and moving forward" is an organization that is in operational mode, but we need to dig deeper to expand our reach in the communities we service, please consider funding our organization so that we can improve and expand our company and staff to facilitate our communities in need. If you would also like to be a part of Comedy for a Cause, "Giving back and moving forward" please feel free to contact us at

Thank you









Click video above to see what Comedy for a Cause is all about Produced by Ryan MackThe Optimum Institute- 

of economic empowerment, inc

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